Product Description

Honey made from foods our bees find at through forests of pine and chestnut trees, beeches, oaks.
Dark-colored honey, thick, with golden shades, full of flavor and aroma, very rich in nutrients and trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron). It also contains very small quantities of vitamins, however, even this small amount helps for better assimilation of sugars by the body.
It is ideal for all ages and diets of modern man.

Technical Specifications

  Paper packing   Wooden packing
Net weight 250gr
Mixed weight: 450gr 600gr
pieces per box 12
Box dimensions 24X32X10,5 26,6X40X12,5
Boxes per pallet 99 90
Mixed box weight 5,700 kg 7,500 kg
Pallet levels 11 10
Pieces per pallet 1188 1080
Mixed pallet weight 580kg 690kg
Pallet height 1,30m 1,50m
Life expectancy, months 30months