Product Description

Certified honey collected from colonies visiting the noblest herbs of Mount Pangaion springtime flora.
A light-colored, bright, golden honey, rich in essential oils, organic acids, minerals and trace elements, with a rich taste.
Due to the variety of substances that form its composition, it is considered of high nutritional value.
It has beneficial effects on the human cardiovascular system and contributes to longevity.
It is very nutritious and tonic for the human body.

Technical Specifications

  Paper packing   Wooden packing
Net weight 250gr
Mixed weight: 450gr 600gr
pieces per box 12
Box dimensions 24X32X10,5 26,6X40X12,5
Boxes per pallet 99 90
Mixed box weight 5,700 kg 7,500 kg
Pallet levels 11 10
Pieces per pallet 1188 1080
Mixed pallet weight 580kg 690kg
Pallet height 1,30m 1,50m
Life expectancy, months 30months