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Retsina Wine

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Retsina is the traditional “classic" white wine for centuries, identifiable and identical to the Greek population with the word wine, while in foreign countries is a synonym of “made in Greece".

The addition of resin used since ancient times in Greece, giving the wine its characteristic peppery aroma of pine resin improving flavor and while increasing sustainability.

The ancient Greeks used to seal the spout of amphorae with resin from the pine trees of the species Pinus Hallepensis, (a native of the Mediterranean region, abundant in Greece and sacred tree of Dionysus, with properties of natural preservative) in order to achieve the weathertight and to keep away the oxygen that oxidized and spoil the wine very quickly.

Gradually the scent of resin “watered" the wine, while later was realized by the addition of resin in the so-called  “resultant grape retinitis Nobilis wine".

These practices are confirmed by many historical sources, while it’s worth noting recent discovery archaeologists on the island of Crete, which came to light earthenware pots (2200-2700 BC), where sound scientific analyses confirmed that they had stored wine with resin.

Today, it is one of the more marketable wines, after the relatively low price, conducive to increased consumption. Consumed easily, combined with various soft drinks and a variety of foods, but accompanies and hang out pleasantly!

Retsina lovers not separated easily and naturally enjoy accompanied by adequate traditional appetizers.

It is called the “drink of the students", after not missing from each student hangout and is first in the “academic" preferences, since it is quite economical for their pocket and makes parallel and mirth.

How you drink the retsina wine:

The retsina drink cooled to 10-12 C, sheer, with sparkling water or Cola.

Accompanies the dishes of Mediterranean and Oriental dishes.

Is the countryside table wine, drink at the same time along with the food. It is connected with all the traditional dishes of Greek Taverna. “Meze – bite – SIP..and philosophy “.

Standing equal to were other wines “lost" under the intense flavors of classical cuisine (stews, fried, spits).

What other wine did you drink best with cod with garlic and beets, taramosalata or tzatziki with Halkidiki olives or fried anchovies?

Retsina wine is produced exclusively in Greece and as per Regulation 479/2008, its production is not allowed in any other country in the world.

Meanwhile, the European Union has placed retsina wine among the wines with a “Traditional Appellation", produced as per the traditional methods of a specific area or country (PD 514/1979).